20 Tweet Ideas To Build Your Twitter Presence.

by Alice Ratcliffe

An empty Twitter feed is an intimidating sight so here’s 20 quick and easy tweet ideas to get you started:

1) Retweet

This is the simplest way of interacting on Twitter - search for topics and conversations that interest you or are relevant to your business and retweet! You’ll probably find you pick up a few followers along the way too.

TNW Retweet

2) Join conversations

Approach and engage. Statements, opinions and questions are being tweeted every millienth of a second. Why not reply to one? Include Twitter handles and #hastags to get your question seen. You’d be surprised how happy people are to interact back.


3) Link to content on your website

Remember where you’ve come from. Use Twitter to promote features or content on your website. Tweet out your blog posts and include links to direct people to your site.


4) React

Trending topics, mentions, retweets or follows. Keep on top of what’s going on around you and make the most of every opportunity! We love how Hailo promotes their taxi service in line with the weather forecast!


5) Tips

Make yourself useful to your followers - tweet a quick tip.


6) Statistics and facts

Instantly digestible and easily shareable!


7) Manners

Remember manners don’t cost a penny and neither does acknowledging follows, mentions, favourites or retweets. For all the P’s and Q’s Lisa Williams’ article delves deeper into twitter etiquette:

8) Create an original #Hashtag

Creating a unique hashtag for your business or marketing campaign is great way to build up momentum.
Domino's Pizza asked their followers to tweet the #letsdolunch. If the number of tweets with this hastag reached 85,000, Domino's dropped their prices by half over the lunch time rush and made a lot of pizza fans very happy.


9) Tweet a trick

Think about who you’re talking to and tweet them a trick worth knowing.


10) Promote an event

Find out what debates, seminars or meet ups are going on in your industry. Let people know which ones you’re attending update your twitter feed live with what’s going on. Use the event hashtag to make sure your tweets are seen by others.

Choose a catchy topic like Todd Wasserman in Mashable’s digital marketing Twitter chat and see how many conversations you can start.


11) Countdown a launch

Is there a new product, function or feature hitting the market or even better, have you created something? Make sure you announce it on Twitter, send out teasers, use #hashtags to get the topic trending, and celebrate it’s arrival.

Cath Kidston had a 20 day prized packed countdown with the #CK20yrs to engage her fans.


12) Share work that inspires you

Look brands or businesses work that makes you kick yourself and cry “I wish I’d thought of that.”


13) Have fun

A little bit of light relief can go a long way. Don’t take yourself or brand too seriously and look for opportunities to have fun with brands. Both Old Spice and Taco Bell are seasoned pros at this.


14) Start a petition

Mobilise your followers behind a cause and give people a reason to follow your brand.
If you have a Twitter ads account you can create petitions on Twitter lead cards that people can sign directly on Twitter.

Appear Here decided to unite their followers behind a campaign to get the US store, Nasty Gal, to launch a pop up in the UK.


You can learn more about how to use Twitter lead cards by downloading our free ebook: https://twitter.com/driftrock/status/362613850719264770

15) Have an opinion

Look at what’s going on in your industry and share your opinion on it. Try and add something new to the argument. Make sure you include references or links to the issue you choose.


16) Competitions and Special offers

Launching a competition or special offer with a retweets or follow to enter is simple way of getting interactions going. Use a catchy hashtag to ensure it gets shared. Boohoo managed to make their competition #onesiewednesday trend on Twitter.


17) Quotes

Many wise things have been said in this world, for lack of your own - share someone else's!
@EdmundLee adds value to his Twitter feed by regularly sharing interesting quotes.


18) Case Studies

Look at the projects you’ve worked on, pick out any interesting facts, figures or results and turn them into a useful guide for others in your field. Scott Flood has some good tips for making case studies compelling content:

19) Interviews

Talk to the thought leaders in your industry, try to get some exclusive insights and promote them to your followers.


20) Hello and Goodbye

Although there's some debate about whether it increases interactions, if your business has opening and closing hours greeting followers when you open and wishing them well when you close is a nice way of educating people about when they can or can't use your service.