Infographic: 7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Facebook Ad Performance

by Gabi Barbosa

1. Set up Conversion Pixels on your website to track conversions, checkouts and installs from Facebook ads; 2. Set Location and Demographic targeting at campaign level; 3. Set Interest targeting at advert set level; 4. Create multiple ads in each ad set with copy and image variations; 5. Use oCPM bidding if your audience is larger than 500,000 or if you have over 100 daily conversions. Anything less than that will lose you money; 6. To make any targeting or bidding changes, re-create your campaigns instead of editing the ads; 7. Don't forget your fans, they already know you and are much more likely to engage with you!

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Stay tuned if you want more details for each of the 7 tips - we'll be writing about them!

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