Driftrock now Facebook Marketing Partner with badges in Ad Technology and Audience Onboarding

April 20, 2016
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 Driftrock Facebook Marketing Partner

At Driftrock we've helped brands of all shapes and sizes grow through Facebook Ads over two amazing years. Our mission has always been to make digital advertising something that people love, with engaging, relevant content, delivered at the perfect time.

The end of last year was a very special one for us, as we added two Facebook Marketing Partner badge specialties to our name! The Facebook Marketing Partner program recognises companies that help drive innovation on Facebook’s advertising platform and build solutions to solve real business challenges.

Our platform works across the whole lifecycle of the customer, turning audiences into customers, and customers into ambassadors, so we specialise in Ad Technology and Audience Onboarding.

Ad Tech

On the Ad Tech side, we help brands engage with audiences on Facebook at scale, while delivering messages at the perfect time through triggers such as what’s on TV or the latest sports results. For example, BMW used Driftrock Triggers to build awareness for BMW xDrive 4X4 technology when it rained or snowed, resulting in a 30% increase in ad engagement.

Audience Onboarding

With our Audience Onboarding specialty we help brands sync customer records with Facebook Custom Audiences at scale. Connecting into CRM systems, EPOS systems and shopping platforms, Driftrock syncs records every three hours enabling brands to deliver relevant contextual CRM messages at every stage in their lifecycle.

Check out Driftrock's page on Facebook's Marketing Partner Directory and get in touch with us to have a chat with our team about your Facebook ads!


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