Driftrock is now a Facebook Marketplace Listing Partner

February 14, 2019

Facebook Marketplace has quickly become one of the most exciting lead generation channels for auto retailers. Listing used car inventory on Facebook Marketplace is a great way for auto retailers to reach millions of car buyers and to sell their used car inventory to a community of in-market buyers.

In order to get their inventory listed, auto dealers need to use the services of a Facebook Marketplace listing partner who will assist in the process. This process often involves using a specific DMS or CMS, migrating to a new platform and learning new tools. However, listing your inventory on Facebook Marketplace doesn’t need to be complicated.


🎉We are excited to share that Driftrock is now a Facebook Marketplace Listing Partner. 🎉

Driftrock is different from other listing partners.


With Driftrock you can:

●      Get full control of your listings

You can post your inventory as your dealership rather than an aggregator and link listings directly to your dealership’s Facebook page.

●      Sync Marketplace leads directly to your DMS/CMS or send via email

With Driftrock you can sync leads generated on Marketplace directly to your existing DMS or CMS with no need to learn how to use a new system. You can also send leads via a direct email making sure they reach the right person immediately.

●      Optimise your Feed for Marketplace

As a Facebook Marketing Partner with years of experience in automotive Facebook campaigns, we know how to make the Facebook algorithm work for you. Simply send us a URL of your feed and we’ll make sure that it is optimised for generating you more leads.

●      Focus on what really matters - landing more sales

With Driftrock’s software and expertise, you can follow up on your Facebook Marketplace leads with no delay or further nurture them with advanced ad campaigns across Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.  

Driftrock is the ultimate platform for automotive retailers and brands to acquire and convert customers from digital marketing channels.

By adding Facebook Marketplace to your suite of channels available on Driftrock, you can increase lead volumes and increase lead conversion for used vehicle sales.

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