Dynamic Custom Audiences - Automate with Driftrock Flow

May 1, 2017

No more manual csv uploads - save yourself time by automating your custom audiences.

What is a custom audience?

A custom audience is a list of users that you upload to your Facebook ads account, therefore enabling you to target them with ads on Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network.

You simply upload your list of email addresses/phone numbers from your customer relationship management (CRM) system, and use this for retargeting people with an ad, depending on how engaged they are. For example if they have signed up to your newsletter but not purchased your product as yet, you could target them with an ad directing them to buy your product. 

Your customer data is completely privacy safe - it is instantly hashed locally in your browser before you upload it to Facebook. Once uploaded, it is matched to the hashed ID's of Facebook users. Any matched and unmatched hashes are then deleted.

However, custom audiences do not automatically update, and therefore you are required to constantly upload new customer data to the list as it changes. This can be extremely time-consuming, especially if your user segments are constantly changing in your CRM. Take the above as an example, where we want to retarget sign-ups that haven't purchased). If someone is in your newsletter list that you have uploaded, but they have yet to purchase, as soon as they have made a purchase, they should no longer be in that list. However, without physically removing them from the custom audience, they are still going to be targeted with ads to purchase the product. This is a waste of advertising budget, but also risks annoying your customers!

The key here, is to find a way of automating this process. This is where Driftrock Flow comes in...

Dynamic Custom Audiences

With Driftrock Flow, you can connect your custom audiences to your CRM, and automatically sync customer data, based on which segment they are in on your database. Flow supports a number of CRM integrations, including MailChimp and Infusionsoft. 

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