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Facebook Instant Article Email Newsletter Sign-ups

For publishers using Facebook Instant Articles, newsletter signups are a great way to generate leads. The forms load instantly and are prefilled with the user email address.

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What are Facebook Instant Article Adverts?

Facebook Instant Articles is an ad format which allows publishers to distribute content to the Facebook app. The format is mobile only and features an extremely fast loading time, 4X quicker than mobile websites which leads to a stronger engagement rate and lower bounce rate.

When a user is reading an instant article, they are served adverts, similar to the way the Facebook new feed works. By selecting Facebook Instant Articles as an ad placement, your advert will be served to users in your desired audience, while they are reading an article.

We’ve seen success with lead adverts in the Instant articles format, especially driving newsletter sign ups. When a user clicks on an advert, the lead form will automatically populate with the users information, meaning that they simply have to press submit for you to receive a lead.

How do Facebook Instant Article Lead Adverts work?

1. A user is reading a Instant Article
2. The user finds and clicks on an advert which opens a lead form
3. The user fills out they information or is shown a prefilled form
4. The user completes the form and is directed to the companies website
5. The lead data is stored on the Facebook platform or is sent to a CRM via Driftrock’s Lead Sync Feature

Syncing to your CRM

It's critical to respond to the leads you receive right away to increase conversion rate. Driftrock enables you to sync instantly and securely to your CRM or custom system.

1. Login to the Driftrock platform

2. Create a new lead sync within Driftrock

3. Select source type and select ‘Facebook Form’

4. Select destination and select your desired CRM

5. Complete the CRM mappings

6. Analyse your results for in campaign optimisations

Available form information fields within Facebook Messenger Lead Adverts

- First name
- Last name
- Email address
- Phone number
- City
- State/province
- Country/region
- Postal/zip code
- Job title
- Company name
- Gender

You can also ask custom questions in the lead form.

What results can I expect from Facebook Instant Article Lead Adverts work?

We’ve seen extremely low cost per leads when using Facebook Instant Articles Lead Adverts across a variety of industries and brands.

- Asking a high volume of questions ensures a higher quality lead however can increase cost per lead.

- Targeting users in a lookalike audience usually deliver a lower cost per lead and a higher lead quality.

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