How to make your Facebook lead ads stand out with more compelling creative

July 4, 2016
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Driving down cost-per-lead whilst generating quality leads can be tough. One of the most important points when creating your Facebook lead ad is making it engaging. You can show your lead ad to the right people, but how can you guarantee that those people won’t just scroll straight past it? Your ad’s first impression counts. It must be appealing and relevant to the customer. In this post we will touch on using the carousel format to make your lead ads stand out from the crowd.

Why use interactive media in your social media ads?

Two products that you may be familiar with - video and carousel. Facebook ads have supported video since 2014, whilst the carousel format for Facebook ads was introduced more recently in 2015. But why should you consider using carousels or videos in your lead ads? Well, they aren’t just for app installs and engagement ads. The carousel format allows advertisers to showcase multiple images and links in one ad. According to a Facebook study, carousel link ads have driven a 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click than single image link ads.

So how can these two products help you create more compelling lead ads?

A multi-platform story

The carousel and video formats work well across all platforms - mobile, desktop, Facebook and Instagram, although for this blog post we will focus on Facebook. This interactive way of showing a product to a user can be used to form a cohesive multi-platform ad campaign. The idea of ‘creating a story’ is integral to content marketing; using a carousel gives the advertiser the opportunity to use the different images in the carousel to tell or develop a story that resonates with the audience.

Video has been stated as one of the most engaging and immersive ways to tell your story, and has seen phenomenal success, especially across mobile platforms. In fact, video was built to be on mobile first and has been highlighted as integral part of any mobile strategy. But, were you aware that videos can be used in lead ads too? Well-known car manufacturer Honda used video in their ads and saw a 12X increase in test-drives, 5X lower cost per visit, and 4X lower cost per lead, exceeding their test-drive target, and seeing their success reflected not only in their engagement metrics throughout the campaign but also in their conversion key performance indicators. Combining well-thought out creative with intelligent targeting could drive similar results for your brand.

Using Carousel Insights

Understanding which links in the ad are performing best is important for optimising your ad, and Facebook gives you the option of optimising the order of the images based on engagement and expected performance. Facebook states that early analysis shows that this feature has helped increase CTR by 12%, on average. Combining the carousel with intelligent custom audience segmentation (and lookalikes) means that you can really take advantage of this product, showing your more engaging ad to people who are more likely to sign up, and/or purchase, according to your end goal.

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