Google tests new conversion funnel ad extensions

May 28, 2015

Adwords extensions are a great way to test different creative ways of engaging with customers, whilst hogging as much real screen real estate as possible.

There’s a whole range to choose from, all with their individual merits and most available as self-service through Adwords. But the Googleites sometimes test new formats with specific clients, and I came across one of their new form extension tests today.

User data capture

Searching on a generic term, the new extension, which in this case was being used by Optimizely, encouraged engagement with the ad, before click out. The data capture area encouraging entering a url, before the call to action to “test out” the software.

 Google Ad Extensions

With additional site links framing it, this style of ad is certainly eye catching, and is in some ways more powerful in position No.3, although I also saw variations in position No.1 as well.

Landing page

If an accurate url was entered, the Optimizely landing page features details of your site as the background of the page. As this was a Squeeze page with a form fill interstitial, the familiar site sitting as a background certainly acts as a strong incentive to complete the details ASAP, in order to get on with on that first test!

 Squeeze Page

These new iterations of form extensions take user interaction a step up the funnel and should see wins for click through rate and site engagement rates. There are a number of different scenarios where they could be applied with data capture and call to action variations swapped in.

Let us know if you seen any other examples!

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