Real Estate Facebook Ads Examples: 9 real-world examples

December 16, 2022

In the world of real estate, it's all about connecting the right seller and buyer. And as an agent or business, if you're not using Facebook to accomplish this goal, you're missing out. 

Facebook is a top choice for real estate promotions, given its reach with a robust ads platform. In fact, as of Sept 2022, the channel's potential reach for ads is as high as 2.17 billion (that's 30% of the world's population!)

Are there more benefits?

Here's what our in-house expert had to say: 

"Facebook ads are a proven way to generate cost effective Real Estate leads. Facebook and Instagram lead ads and other features mean that you can expect a 50% lower cost per lead than sending to website. These forms can be added to video or carousel images, which are great options to showcase your properties. Additionally, you can use Meta’s advanced targeting options to generate quality local leads”

- Matt Wheeler, CEO of Driftrock

Now that you know how vital Facebook can be, it's time to move on to developing a solid ad campaign. And on an extensive social media network such as Facebook, it could be intimidating. 

We've got your back. 

Here are some real estate Facebook ads that show what it takes to run a lead-generating campaign for maximum results. Let's dive in!

9 real estate Facebook ads examples in the real world

1. Rochester Area Homes by Domaille Real Estate – Deploy video as a compelling storytelling tool

Video rules as a popular content format today, amassing an online reach of nearly 93% worldwide. Its storytelling capability is what makes video a powerful real estate marketing tool.

Facebook Real Estate Ad Example - Rochester Area Homes by Domaille Real Estate
Source: Rochester Area Homes by Domaille Real Estate

Domaille Real Estate is a prime example of telling an interesting story through video. The brand dives into the founder's background, their life experience in real estate and how they use this knowledge to connect buyers with the perfect home.

This Facebook real estate ad doesn't outrightly sell anything. Instead, it aims to connect with the target audience by appealing to their emotional yet logical side.

2. Tristan Colborg-EXP Realty – Solve a customer problem without selling anything

Seems odd for a real estate Facebook ad, doesn’t it? 

Tristan Colborg shows you how it's done. In this video ad, he doesn't promote anything about himself. Instead, he targets a genuine buyer pain point.

Facebook Real Estate Ad Example - Tristan Colborg
Source: Tristan Colborg

While sharing solutions, he subtly positions himself as an expert in real estate equipped with firsthand insights. It encourages the buyer to reach out to Tristan and employ his services.

This type of Facebook ad for real estate works well for individual real estate agents or business owners who want to establish a solid personal reputation in the industry.

3. Alleyne Real Estate Barbados – Use urgency, a powerful trigger

Alleyne's real estate ad on Facebook creates a sense of urgency for renting a luxurious villa in a beautiful neighbourhood. 

Facebook Real Estate Ad Example - Alleyne Real Estate Barbados
Source: Alleyne Real Estate Barbados

The copy is exceptionally crisp. It makes the audiences feel like time is running out and that they could only win out on a fantastic deal if they act quickly.

Instead of offering a discount, the brand ensures customers know the experience will be unmatched by offering VIP pickup or private airport taxi transfer.

4. Aphrodite Hills Real Estate – Effuse luxury with professional images

Professionally shot images make luxurious properties appear strikingly beautiful.  

Facebook Real Estate Ad Example - Aphrodite Hills Real Estate
Source: Aphrodite Hills Real Estate

Aphrodite Hills Real Estate does this cleverly by posting real estate Facebook ads with an aspirational copy, matching the property's luxury aesthetic and embedding it firmly in the buyer's mind.

You can level up by presenting these images as a carousel. Viewers can scroll through multiple pictures in a carousel format, letting them soak in as much as is needed to interest them in the property.

5. AveNew Real Estate – Indulge in the Stories format

One of the top reasons to create Facebook real estate ads is the variety of content formats you can explore. And the ability to convey just enough information in a single story is marketing well done.

Facebook Real Estate Ad Example -  AveNew Real Estate Business
Source: AveNew Real Estate Business

Take AveNew's example. The brand tells you everything you need to know about its upcoming, one-of-a-kind property without wasting your time. And yet, it entices you to click on the book now button to find out more.

Less reading, more action – that’s the name of the game with stories! 

6. Luxon Real Estate – Promote a unique, free tool

Offering a free tool is a great way to get leads without cold calls or emails, specifically for zero-party and first-party data.

In Luxon's real estate Facebook ad, the brand does just that. It offers a free tool for prospective sellers to discover their current property's worth.

Facebook Real Estate Ad Example - Luxon Real Estate
Source: Luxon Real Estate

With this tool, Luxon resolves a fundamental customer problem and clarifies it in the ad copy. The brand helps them evaluate the cost of their real estate property at the click of a few buttons and their convenience. 

7. First National Dapto – Show client success testimonials

Testimonials let you leverage social proof, acting as a motivating factor for prospective buyers to get in touch with you.

First National Dapto creates Facebook ads for real estate to interest buyers in the firsthand experience of working with the brand via customer testimonials.

Facebook Real Estate Ad Example - First National Dapto
Source: First National Dapto

However, the brand goes a step further and uses a carousel – the perfect ad format to drive home your popularity and instil trustworthiness through multiple recommendations.

If buyers are willing, you could also create a video using in-person testimonials and promote it as a real estate ad on Facebook.

8. Macedon Ranges-Bound Real Estate – Let agents share the spotlight

Real estate is primarily an industry where buyers, sellers and agents prefer meeting in person. As such, the 'people' factor holds excellent value. Buyers believe they'll always get the best deal with the right agent.

To highlight your star agent's efforts in Facebook real estate ads is not only a power move but also attaches a reliable face (or multiple) to your brand name.

Facebook Real Estate Ad Example - Macedon Ranges - Bound Real Estate 
Source: Macedon Ranges - Bound Real Estate 

Bound Real Estate does this by putting a warm and friendly face forward. The brand appreciates one of its leading agent's achievements, creating a personable impression.

The CTA also encourages the audience to take advantage of a free and quick property report, giving them all the more reason to connect.

9. Frasers Property – Highlight a future-forward initiative

New-age buyers are increasingly conscious of their contribution towards the environment. Naturally, they expect brands to follow suit.

Facebook Real Estate Ad Example - Frasers Property
Source: Frasers Property

If you support future-forward sustainable initiatives, telling buyers about it will earn you goodwill. Buyers will know that you want to improve their quality of life in the long term by participating in purposeful projects.

Frasers Property's Facebook real estate ads show the brand's future readiness and contribution to social good, attracting modern buyers to the brand.

Now that we've seen real-world examples, let's find out what goes behind the best real estate Facebook ads.

Elements of a quality real estate Facebook ads plan

Every Facebook real estate ads plan has 4 key elements to follow.

4 Key Elements of Real Estate Facebook Ads Plan
4 Key Elements of Real Estate Facebook Ads Plan
  1. Targeting 

Facebook's targeting game is the strongest among all social media platforms, despite recent restrictions which place real estate in the Special Ad Category.

Under this category, Facebook no longer allows:

  • Demographic targeting by age (default setting is 18-65+ years)
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Income
  • Location targeting via zip code
  • A few financial and housing interests
  • Geotargeting to below 10 miles 

You can still run real estate ads on Facebook that deliver positive results, though. For instance, you could target relative segments based on pages liked, such as financial planning or real estate investing instead of income.

  1. Campaign objective 

You can choose from a variety of campaign objectives on Facebook, including:

  • Lead generation
  • Traffic
  • Engagement 
  • Video views
  • App instals 

Since most Facebook ads for real estate are geared towards home buyers or sellers, lead generation is a popularly used campaign objective. Using the channel's native lead generation forms, you could reduce your CPL by as much as 50%!

  1. Ad cost & budget

Facebook's broad reach allows you to achieve good ROI on your ad spend. However, there's no one answer for the total ad cost. This depends on various factors such as:

  • Targeting
  • Ad placement
  • Ad format, and more.

You can fix your ad budget from the 'budget and schedule' section, setting the daily budget and choice of days. Given that Facebook's bidding is automated, all you have to do is set an upper limit for a bid.

Your overall real estate ads plan will determine Facebook's final ad cost and budget.

  1. Varied content formats 

Compared to other social media platforms and search engine ads, Facebook offers varied content formats. These are much more aesthetic and cohesive with the social media ecosystem.

Formats on offer include images, carousels, videos, and stories. You can use them to personalise ads, appealing to your target group's emotions and needs.

How Driftrock helps you drive leads from real estate Facebook ads

Having leads come in through Facebook real estate ads is the first step. After that, it's all about moving those leads through your sales funnel and converting them into customers.

That’s where Driftrock comes in. 

Using the platform, you can sync your leads from Facebook to any CRM or marketing automation software in real-time. You can also access advanced reporting and tracking to improve campaigns for maximum ROI. Track your best-performing campaigns, ad sets and creatives, and use these for repeatable success.

Additionally, you can automate Facebook Offline Conversion sync to optimise for conversions

Driftrock doesn't just collect leads for you but also validates them for email, phone and addresses, ensuring only real leads reach your CRM.

Interested in taking on real estate Facebook ads for your brand? Read our guide or book a demo to find out more!