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Google tests ad extensions that start the conversion funnel directly in SERPS

Adwords extensions are a great way to test different creative ways of engaging with customers, whilst hogging as much real screen real estate as possible.

There’s a whole range to choose from, all with their individual merits and most available as self-service through Adwords. But the Googleites sometimes test new formats with specific clients, and I came across one of their new form extension tests today.

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4 Google Adwords Presets you should check to reduce your CPA

Google AdWords is packed with features to help you optimise and expand the reach of your campaigns. By default lots of these features are switched on. It depends on the circumstances but it's likely that lots of these might be decreasing the performance of your campaigns.

Here's our top four presets that should be looked at from time to time to understand how they are performing, and in case their being harmful, tweak.

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