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Reach and Frequency Buying

Buying media on Facebook via the auction is the standard method. However, advertisers familiar with the world of programmatic buying may be more accustomed to buying campaigns with a fixed CPM. Although we recommend buying via the auction for almost any kind of campaign with a KPI beyond reaching a certain number of individuals or hitting a specific number of impressions, Reach and Frequency buying on Facebook does have some benefits over the auction method.

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Installing the Facebook Pixel

Before you get started with your Facebook ad marketing, ensure that you have your Facebook pixel installed on your website

Arguably, this is the most important part of your Facebook ad account setup. It is central to everything you do in your Facebook marketing, from tracking results, to creating new audiences of people to target.

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Scaling your Lookalike Audiences to 20% with Driftrock Flow

Facebook supports creating lookalike audiences up to 10%. So what happens when your 10% lookalike audience has been exhausted? Of course, you can start by finding other seed audiences to build lookalikes from (e.g. your page fans). But also, with Driftrock Flow, you can build up to 20% lookalike audiences! This gives you an insane number of potential new customers, and should mean you are never short of potential leads for your campaigns.

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