The Knowledge - December 2016

January 17, 2017
 The Knowledge - December 2016

Hi Driftrockers!

Welcome to ‘The Knowledge’ for December, our regular delve into the important stories in the Driftrock and wider Facebook advertising landscape.

Driftrock updates

Over the past few weeks, we have been hard at work enhancing our suite of Driftrock tools, including some user interface tweaks (including updates video view metrics and video ads campaign journeys, placement updates, lead ads improvements) and general bug fixes.

You can now create video ads directly in Driftrock Create. We love video ads, particularly for the ability to create video view audiences from anyone that views a defined proportion of your videos. With video view audiences, you can then retarget people that have viewed your video. For instance, you could retarget a video view audience with a lead ad, to capture their email address.

To check out the latest version of our tools, login to your Driftrock account here.

Driftrock Blog Updates

Sky Rocket your Facebook conversions with Optimised Bidding 

Having problems achieving conversions? We take you through a simplistic look at winning with Optimised Bidding.

Lead Generation on Facebook: Quality vs Quantity 

For many things in life, quality wins over quantity. Lead generation is no exception - we examine why Facebook’s lead ads product is so powerful and why it has been so well received by marketers alike.

Facebook Targeting Infographic 

We decided this week that it is about time we put together an infographic giving an overview of the targeting options available to Facebook Advertisers. So here it is! The Driftrock Quick-Start Facebook Ads Guide:

Cool stuff from Facebook...

Here’s our pick from some of the awesome new things coming out of Facebook lately.

Page Engagement Custom Audiences 

This has been a targeting segment that we have long been hoping for! In the past, it has often been a frustration that anyone that ‘likes’ a Facebook ad is effectively ‘lost’, and can’t easily be followed up with….Until now.

So now, you can create engagement audiences from people that have reacted to your post. This is awesome - for instance, you could retarget them, asking them to like your page, or retarget them with more information about the post they have liked (e.g. with a purchase link). Or show them a lead ad, and capture their email address. The possibilities are endless!

So far, on the tests that we have run for some of our clients, we have seen comparatively higher CTR’s compared to other targeting, and lower cost per results. Engagement audiences are therefore looking VERY promising, and will become a key part of our Facebook marketing strategies going forward. They also make a great seed audience for creating lookalikes.

Facebook Creative Hub 

Facebook have launched their creative hub as a place that you can browse other ads for inspiration, and also somewhere that you can easily create mockups of ads, that you can share with anyone (e.g. your clients or an agency). A real time saver.

To browse some ad examples, have a look at:

Facebook/Instagram/Messenger App Update 

Good news, Facebook are updating their Facebook Pages app to allow you to manage your Facebook page, Instagram and Messenger accounts from one place! So for anyone with a high traffic social presence that gets a lot of comments, your life just got easier! And this will also help with keeping your Facebook page response rate metric nice and high.

Facebook Ads Glossary 

Not a new feature, but something we certainly think is worth sharing again. Don’t know your CTR’s from your CPM’s? Then check out this helpful glossary from Facebook, which gives you definitions for a raft of advertising terms relating to your Facebook ad activity. It’s worth keeping this one bookmarked for future reference.

Messenger Bot of the month 

We’ve been looking at bots again over the weeks, and have picked our favourite for this month. Need to know if you’ve contracted Zika? This bot can help…

Well that’s it for this edition of 'The Knowledge'. We wish all Driftrocker’s a very happy Christmas, and a hugely prosperous New Year! Don’t forget, you can get in touch with us here, or find us on Facebook at and Twitter at

Festive Greetings Driftrockers! 

Team Driftrock 


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