The Knowledge - May 2017

June 6, 2017
 Driftrock - The Knowledge May 2017

Happy Summer Driftrocker’s!

We’ve got lots of interesting updates from Driftrock and the world of social. So here you go - a tonne of content for some summertime reading! Let us know what you think, what you’d like more/less of etc, and we’ll be sure to factor it in for future editions!


A lot has happened at Driftrock since we last ‘spoke'. As well as our beta partnership with LinkedIn on their new lead gen product, we have also made some updates to the Driftrock platform and website.

New Driftrock Dashboard!
We’ve unified your Driftrock products into one accessible dashboard, giving you the key metrics you need. This is phase 1 of the dashboard, which we will be adding to over the coming weeks. We really welcome any feedback you have - this is your product, and we’d love you to help shape it.

Now you can see at a glance your current ad spend, number of leads synced to your CRM, and number of custom audiences being synced. Log in to your Driftrock account to see more.

New website redesign!
In line with the dashboard changes, we’ve gone for a swanky new look on our website - we’re really pleased with it so please have a look when you get the chance. In addition, you’ll see that we have provided a download link to our “Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation from Social Advertising” on there, so be sure to check it out! There are lots of useful nuggets in there.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms CRM Sync
LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are designed to help you generate more leads from LinkedIn Sponsored Content ads. Much like a Facebook lead ad, when a customer clicks on a Lead Gen Form ad, a native form loads with pre-filled information from their LinkedIn profile. It makes it incredibly quick and easy to submit forms on mobile.

As with Facebook lead ads, Driftrock supports automatic syncing of your LinkedIn leads. Find out more below on how you can utilise Driftrock’s lead syncing through to your CRM, so that you can maximise the value of the leads you generate from LinkedIn. 
LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms CRM Sync with Driftrock


A lot is happening in the automotive industry, particularly around social advertising. More and more, we are seeing consumers shifting their research to mobile, with purchase decisions already made before even entering the forecourt. And this trend is only increasing.

It’s clear that automotive retailers and dealers alike need to seriously consider social as part of their overall marketing strategy. And Driftrock are proud to be working with a wealth of automotive brands in helping them achieve their goals from social advertising.

Below are two excellent pieces of content from Facebook, around the changing face of the automotive industry.

Changing Gears 2020 - How digital is transforming the face of the automotive industry
“Digital will force a rethink of dealer role: 50% of consumers have made brand and model choice before dealer visit”

“The report assesses that by 2020, almost 70% of annual auto sales (about 19 million units or $40 billion) will be digitally influenced.”

Products like Facebook lead ads and LinkedIn lead gen forms have made it even easier for automotive brands to get test drive bookings and brochure requests. No longer are dealers waiting for customers to pay their store a visit. 
More Info >>

How Mobile fuels the Canadian Auto Purchase Process
This is an IPSOS commissioned study into the online shopping habits of Canadian’s when it comes to Automotive purchases. Again, there is a heavy focus on the research phase prior to getting to a dealer. 
Check it out >>


Universities not taking advantage of digital marketing
This article covers the many higher education establishments not embracing students' affinity with social media. For many of our education clients, recruiting students via social has proven very effective. It is after all where students are hanging out, so why wouldn’t you approach them where they are. 

Quick guide to Facebook Ad Objectives
For anyone needing a refresher, or want to get started withFacebook ad objectives, this article from Social Media Today is a good starting point. 
Get the lowdown >>

Facebook Analytics
Facebook have recently released their Analytics product - and it looks great. They have also recently announced Automated Insights in beta. 
Come and have a look >>

LinkedIn matched Audiences
This is LinkedIn’s version of Facebook custom audiences - which involves uploading a list of users, which they match to actual LinkedIn profiles. You can then target these audiences in your campaigns.

In addition, they have added a tool that lets you upload a list of companies, which you can then target. 
Find out more >>

Social Network valuations
A little round-up of the current values of the big networks. Facebook are way out in front, followed by YouTube, and LinkedIn in third. 
More More More >>

Well that’s all from us! As per usual, if you need anything from us or have any questions, just get in touch here, and we'll get right back to you.

Have fun!

Team Driftrock

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