The Week In Social - 2014

April 14, 2015
 The week in social

Friday's here, everybody! Twitter and Facebook went shopping this week and Twitter also rolled out some new mobile ads. Read on for a round up of this week's Social Advertising news, and some tips on how to test things on Facebook and how to better deal with your social media. It's The Week in Social!


Twitter rolls out mobile app promotion to advertisers everywhere

After months of testing, Twitter has finally made mobile app promotion available to everyone. You’ll be able to use Promoted Tweets or App Cards, and you can set up Conversion Tracking to monitor your app installs and in-app events. 
The pricing will be CPC (or CPAC as they call it), where advertisers pay when someone clicks on the link to the App Store/Google Play or opens the app from Twitter.

Twitter acquires mobile ad retargeting startup TapCommerce

The same week Twitter rolled out Mobile app install ads, the company acquired TapCommerce, a startup that specialises in mobile retargeting. Along with Twitter’s other recent acquisitions, it is safe to say that the social network is trying to focus more on mobile (which shouldn’t come as a surprise).

Facebook acquires LiveRail

Facebook has acquired video ad tech startup LiveRail, showing that they are really betting hard on the video ad game.


How to split test Facebook page posts and ads via Social Media Examiner

A few very useful ideas about how to split test your Facebook page posts and your Facebook ads, including using variations of creative and copy and experimenting with audience targeting.

Edit Facebook Ads: Link, Thumbnail image, Headline, Text, Description via Jon Loomer

One of everyone’s biggest frustrations with Facebook ads is that they are not easy to edit, however, all is not lost! You CAN edit unpublished posts and Facebook Ads expert Jon Loomer tells you how to us ads manager to do it. But there’s a catch – ads manager and Power Editor have different character limits for each of the sections, so if you created your ads on Power Editor, you might get a few annoying red messages.

3 Reasons to Refresh Ad Creative via FBPPC

It’s easy to start Facebook campaigns and just let them run (as long as the budget allows it, of course), but people can get tired of looking at your ads. Also, if you keep running the same ads, you are not testing to see what works better. We are big fans of testing and experimenting here at Driftrock, so this post by Kristina McLane is spot on.

Social Media Daily To-Do List via Social Media Today

10 essential tasks to stay on top of all your social media channels and make sure you are building a nurtured and engaged following. It doesn’t have to take very long (especially if you’re on EVERY possible social network), but this simple daily checklist can save you a lot of headaches.