What X (Twitter) New Ads Interface Means for Your Campaigns

May 1, 2015
 Twitter Interface

At last! Yesterday X (Twitter) unveiled an all new ads interface (OK, maybe not ALL new, but a bit different), which takes it a few steps in the direction of Facebook's ads interface, allowing you to create campaign objectives and only pay for the actions that correspond to your objective.


You can create X (Twitter) ad campaigns with the following objectives:

  • Followers - to use when you are looking to grow your X following.
  • Website Clicks or conversions - for when you want to promote a specific product or service, or want to drive more traffic to your website. For conversions, don't forget you'll need to install X conversion tracking tag.
  • Tweet engagements - If you want your tweets to reach more people on X (in line with the former Promoted Tweet.
  • App installs or engagements - to drive more engagements or installs for your app.
  • Lead Generation - if you want to generate leads through X (best used with X Lead Cards).

What does this mean?

This is awesome! It means that you can optimize your campaigns more efficiently to meet your specific objectives. which makes a lot of sense. It also means that it's easier to use Website Cards and Lead Generation Cards (which we love!).

So you should no longer have to worry that your entire budget will be wasted away on engagements or empty clicks (such as tweet expansion clicks). When you create a Website clicks campaign, for example, in the section you set your maximum cost per action, it states:

"Enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay per website link click.

A “link click” is any click on your Tweet that leads the user to the website you are promoting. You only pay for one link click per impression, and you are not charged for other Tweet engagements like retweets."

What other changes are there?

Besides the campaign objectives and the cost per action, if you login you'll also see that the ad creation interface is slightly different. You also no longer have to go to the Creatives tab to create Website or Lead Cards (if you use Website Clicks or Lead Generation as objectives).

If you don't want to use a specific objective, you can still use the old Promoted Tweet form to create your campaigns (just select Custom objective)

I wrote this post as I was creating a new campaign (which hasn't run yet), so I'm not sure if the tweet optimization has changed or not (one can only hope so!), but will check and update soon.

Have fun playing around with the new campaign objectives!

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