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Scaling your Lookalike Audiences to 20% with Driftrock Flow

Facebook supports creating lookalike audiences up to 10%. So what happens when your 10% lookalike audience has been exhausted? Of course, you can start by finding other seed audiences to build lookalikes from (e.g. your page fans). But also, with Driftrock Flow, you can build up to 20% lookalike audiences! This gives you an insane number of potential new customers, and should mean you are never short of potential leads for your campaigns.

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Sky Rocket your Facebook conversions with Optimised Bidding

If you have been running Facebook ad campaigns, you most likely have heard of ‘Optimised Bidding’(formally called oCPM or Optimised CPM). Optimised Bidding is a bid type that shows your ad to people most likely to convert for the action you want. For instance, if your preferred action is ‘purchase’, then Facebook will optimise your ad delivery to people most likely to purchase

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Game changing ways to leverage your CRM data on Facebook and Instagram

Today’s consumer is more connected than ever before. The advances in mobile technology have empowered customers to shop in a huge variety of ways, and on the journey to purchase they engage with countless different touch points. One of the biggest trends of 2016 is ‘omni-channel shopping’ and marketers are being challenged with accurately tracking this customer habit.

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Facebook Conversion Tracking: How to measure performance [UPDATED]

If you’re not tracking the performance of your campaigns in some way, to know what is working and what isn’t, you might as well be throwing your money out the window.Facebook is no exception to this. Installing conversion tracking should be one of the first steps when starting to advertise on Facebook, and we’ll even say that without setting this up first, it’s probably not even worth getting started. 

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A step by Step Guide to High-Converting Facebook Ads - Lookalike Audiences Advertising

With so many different ad types and targeting options out there, it can be hard to know where to start, and due to the high number of impressions your ads will get in a short amount of time, mistakes can be costly.There is one ad type however that not enough marketers know about that is very easy to use and converts extremely well: Custom and Lookalike Audience Ads.

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Google tests ad extensions that start the conversion funnel directly in SERPS

Adwords extensions are a great way to test different creative ways of engaging with customers, whilst hogging as much real screen real estate as possible.

There’s a whole range to choose from, all with their individual merits and most available as self-service through Adwords. But the Googleites sometimes test new formats with specific clients, and I came across one of their new form extension tests today.

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