GDPR Solutions for Digital Marketing

Stay GDPR compliant and still leverage People-data to deliver relevant, high performing marketing.


Driftrock's GDPR solutions ensure that you keep the right side of GDPR compliance, when running your digital campaigns. Whether you are seeking GDPR compliance for your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, Messenger or Snapchat campaigns, we've got you covered.

Through maintaining a 'true sync' between your CRM/ESP/Database and audiences, you can be sure that as well as records being added, they are also deleted from your audiences as people unsubscribe, keeping you GDPR compliant across social.

Furthermore, Digital Marketers can use Driftrock today, to start repermissioning database records. Get ahead of the GDPR regulation and get full and explicit opt-in from your contacts, through a combination of native lead generation solutions on Facebook Lead Ads and LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms, and Driftrock's lead syncing technology.


Your GDPR Compliance Checklist

The GDPR regulation offers guidance on how to keep compliant. Use these to keep your digital marketing the right side of GDPR.

Consent for marketing under the GDPR EU regulation must be an unambiguous, clear and affirmative action

  • With Driftrock, you can store consent information with every new lead, as well as the consent copy used. You can lookup consent information using a User ID at any time for customer support.
  • Increase the reach of your re-permissioning outreach by 3X, before May 2018. Leverage Driftrock's audience management and lead ads capabilities to re-permission your database.

People have the right to request and manage how their data is processed

  • Driftrock automatically mirrors communications opt-in or opt-outs on social advertising.
    • If someone unsubscribes from marketing communications, we automatically remove them from all Custom Audiences that we keep in sync.
    • Our audience sync will also keep any exclusion audiences up to date.  

People have the right to be forgotten under GDPR

  • The technology at Driftrock is built to allow complete deletion of your customer’s records;
    • Our syncing abilities replicate this deletion across all social media audiences kept in sync.
    • Our lead processing can be setup to automatically delete data as a sync is complete, retaining a user ID only for confirmation that the record is no longer stored.

In addition:

  • Driftrock is ISO27001 certified, which recognises excellence in Information Security.
  • Data is encrypted and secured at all times.
  • Driftrock is a data processor. This data belongs to you alone, and only used to deliver our services.
  • You can optionally expose pre-hashed records only, so that no PII data ever leaves the building.
  • We can optionally setup the platform to be PII free once synced, although this reduces some functionality like funnel syncing.
  • We restrict account access to key staff for your account.
  • GDPR-ready. We’ve been working with specialists to help our clients get GDPR ready for May 2018.

Stay GDPR compliant with Driftrock. Get in touch with one of our experts today: