GDPR for facebook ads

How looking after your marketing data can help protect Privacy, and deliver ads people actually want to see.

With GDPR now in force, it's critical that marketers protect the data held on people. A happy side-effect of this process is that these same tight data controls can help us deliver better marketing for end consumers.

While we can't offer legal advice on GDPR, here are a few best practice ideas form our clients that could help you deliver great marketing, whilst staying GDPR compliant. These best practice marketing tips are specifically based on advertising for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, Messenger or Snapchat campaigns.

GDPR Compliance Checklist for marketers

The ICO offers offers detailed guidance on how to keep compliant. Make sure you read everything carefully, but here are a few best practice areas to prioritise as a marketer.

Consent for marketing under the GDPR EU regulation must be an unambiguous, clear and affirmative action

Ensuring you ask for clear consent when collecting personal data is a requirement under GDPR. However, this is just great practice anyway. As a marketer our goal is to reach the right audience with the right message. Ensuring that people understand the value exchange for why they are sharing their data means that we build an audience of people who truly care about our offering.

People have the right to request and manage how their data is processed

In addition to making it clear what people are opt-ing in for, we also have a requirement to change the way we process people's data. This means that if someone opts out of marketing communications, we need to respect request.

Again, this is just simple, best practice marketing we should all be doing anyway. Theres no point sending emails or other communication to people who don't want to receive it. Perhaps the reasons for subscribing in the first place change, or perhaps they just don't enjoy the content. Either way, focus on delivering brilliant content to people who want to read it.

The same goes for ads. If someone opt-in to receive communication through advertising platforms like Facebook Custom Audiences, then we need to ensure that if they no longer consent, that we can remove them from the audience.

Driftrock's audience sync technology can help remove people who unsubscribe automatically helping you only reach people who want to see ads based on the data you hold on them.


People have the right to be forgotten under GDPR

Another important part of The GDPR is allowing people to completely delete any data held on them.  Again, this is simply good practice marketing anyway.

For most businesses this should be as simple as deleting records from your CRM. However, we have a responsibility to delete data from all the systems that it exists on. Ensure that you have processes and technology in place to delete this data in all the places it exists.

A good idea is to map out all your marketing touch points, vendors and marketing channels. Look at where data flows, and ensure that you have processes in place to quickly remove that data from all those places. While this might seem daunting, technology like Customer Data Platforms are helping marketers solve this challenge at scale.

At Driftrock we've added features to our technology platform that ensure that we can delete any data that we Process on behalf of our clients if requested. It's a good idea to make sure the vendors you work with have similar features and that you understand how to do that when required.

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