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Issue and track coupons online to offline whilst building your CRM and declared database.

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Distribute coupons at scale through search and social.

Using Driftrock and social advertising, brands like Heineken and Coke distributed brand activation coupons at a massive scale.

Track online ads through to in-store sales.

Using Driftrock's online to offline measurement tool, track digital campaigns from click through to offline purchases in-store.

Increase in-store footfall rates.

Use Driftrock's audience marketing suite to nurture leads through to in-store visits, using personalised messaging.

Understand where your leads are coming from, and which store they go onto visit.

Use Driftrock's geo-analysis tools to plot where your leads are coming from, and which stores they go onto visit. Red-flag sites of low interest or poor footfall.

Weather triggered campaigns.

Trigger campaigns based upon weather conditions to increase engagement and boost your return-on-investment.

Deploy local, personalised campaigns at scale.

Deploy tens to hundreds of personalised campaigns at once, geo-targeting specific locations & store radiuses.

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