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The #1 automotive industry lead generation platform to capture & convert more leads. BMW saw a 54% lower cost per lead & 2.3X boost in lead volumes.

Powering customer generation for 45 data-driven automotive brands and hundreds of dealers

Automotive Strategies powered by Driftrock

Driftrock's software helps automotive brands activate advanced automotive lead generation strategies not possible natively.

Connect 20+ lead sources

Drive more automotive leads from 20+ affiliates, lead sources, and Driftrock's website and chat assistants. Connect automotive sources like AutoTrader, heycar and eBay motors. Generate high-converting car sales leads.

Increase Lead Quality

Validate, cleanse and optimise leads for quality. Validate emails, phone numbers and addresses for all your incoming auto leads, so only real in-market leads that have been cleansed and validated are sent through to your sales team.

Automated lead sync to your DMS

Throw away your manual CSVs! Driftrock connects with any DMS, CRM or database including popular automotive integrations CDK Elead, RapidRTC, Dealerweb, VinSolutions, Dealer Socket, ADF/XML and more.

Track leads to purchase

Track and optimise leads from campaign, keyword, ad and portal through to car purchase. Create in-depth reporting with validation activated, allowing you to optimise for real valuable leads that convert to auto sales.

Increase lead conversion rates

Increase lead conversion rates with automated lead nurturing on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

Move inventory faster

Sell inventory faster with local, personalised ads, dynamic inventory ads and Facebook Marketplace.

Top Automotive Lead Sources you can activate with Driftrock

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