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As a marketer, finding innovative ways to connect with your audience, boost conversions, and enhance brand visibility is your day-to-day mission. Thankfully, powerful tools like Zoho and Facebook (Meta) have made it easier to achieve these goals.

But, what if we told you there's a way to supercharge your marketing efforts? We're talking about Zoho Facebook Integration. Stick around as we delve into the what, why, and how of it.

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About Facebook Lead Ads & Zoho CRM

Before we dive into the integration, let's take a closer look at Facebook Lead Ads and Zoho. Facebook (Meta) Lead Ads allow you to generate leads directly within Facebook and Instagram by using pre-filled forms.

Zoho CRM is a comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution designed to manage and optimise customer relationships and data, sales, and more.

So, why should you consider integrating these two powerhouses?

The Power of Integrating Facebook Lead Ads & Zoho

Connecting Facebook Lead Ads with Zoho CRM allows you to streamline your marketing and sales efforts by automatically importing leads generated from Facebook into your Zoho CRM.

This integration eradicates the time-consuming manual process, reduces the risk of data entry errors, and ultimately accelerates your sales cycle.

Benefits of Zoho Facebook Integration

Integrating Facebook Lead Ads with Zoho CRM can supercharge your business in several ways:

Speed and Efficiency:

Say goodbye to manual lead imports, CSVs and hello to real-time synchronization of lead data from Facebook to Zoho.

Enhanced Targeting:

You can create dynamic custom audiences based on your Zoho records for more personalized and effective Facebook marketing campaigns.

Improved Conversion Tracking:

By setting up Facebook Offline Conversions (CAPI), you can measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ads on offline events, like calls, test drives or store visits.

How to import Facebook Leads data into Zoho

To leverage these benefits, you'll need to import Facebook Leads into Zoho. Here are two methods:

The manual method: ‍

You can export leads from Facebook manually via CSV and upload to your Zoho CRM account.

1. Facebook forms are stored on a Facebook Page level.

2. Head to your Facebook page > Publishing tools >  Forms Library

Where to download leads from Facebook

3. Click on the form you want to download leads from, and choose Download.

CSV download from Facebook lead ads

Automatically integrate Facebook leads to Zoho (recommended)

Exporting manual CSVs isn't safe or scaleable, and this means if you step away from your laptop, sales teams won't receive leads fast enough.

It's easy to automatically send leads from Facebook to Zoho with Driftrock.

1. Login or create a new Driftrock account.

2. Choose Facebook Lead Ads from the Driftrock Lead Capture Library (you can also automate lead generation from 20+ other lead sources later).

3. Follow the wizard to connect your Page and Zoho account.

Connect Zoho

4. You're done. Put that time you saved to better use! 

Zoho Facebook Dynamic Custom Audience

In addition to importing your Facebook leads into Zoho, you can also create custom audiences in Facebook (Meta) based on your Zoho data.

There are three types of custom audiences that you can create: exclusion, retarget, and lookalike.


With exclusion audiences, you can exclude existing customers or leads from your Facebook ad campaigns. This ensures that you're not wasting ad spend on people who have already converted.


Retargeting audiences allow you to show ads to people who have already interacted with your brand. For example, you can create a retargeting audience of people who have visited your website but haven't yet made a purchase.


Lookalike audiences are created based on the characteristics of your existing customers or leads. Facebook will analyze your data and find people who are similar to your existing audience, making it easier to reach new potential customers.

How to setup Facebook Custom Audiences from Zoho

The manual method

Just like lead ads, everything can be done using a CSV export.

This time, you can export a CSV of all or some of your contacts (segments) in Zoho, then upload them to Facebook.

  1. Export your CSV from Zoho.
  2. Login to Facebook Business Manager.
  3. Click on Audiences.
  4. Click Create Custom Audience
  5. Choose Customer List as the source of your audience data.
  6. Follow the instructions to upload your customer list.
Automatically sync zoho with Facebook Audiences (recommended)

Uploading Custom Audiences from Zoho using a CSV:

  • is difficult to scale
  • be compliant with data privacy laws

Managing lots of audiences, and keeping them updated drains your time, and it's important to both add and remove records so that when someone unsubscribes, you remove them from targeting.

To automate the process, you can use a tool like Driftrock to keep Zoho segments in constant sync.

Driftrock adds and removes records as quick as every 3 hours.

1. Login to or create a new Driftrock account.

2. Click Audience Nurturing in the left hand navigation.

3. Click create new sync, and follow the wizard.

You can choose the segment you wish to keep in sync and the frequency. We recommend weekly for Lookalikes and 3-hourly for exclusions and targeting.

Setup Zoho custom audience

4. Within 10 mins or so (depending on your audience size), you can start using your audience in Facebook.

Zoho Facebook Offline Conversions

Facebook Offline Conversions (CAPI) is a feature that allows you to track offline sales and conversions from your Zoho CRM data. This means that you can see how your Facebook (Meta) ads are driving offline sales, and you can optimize your campaigns accordingly.‍

How to setup Facebook Offline Conversions from Zoho

The manual method

Similar to lead data and custom audience data, it is possible to import your offline conversions via a CSV export.

  1. Login to Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Click on Data Sources > Offline Event Sets.
  3. Click Add and follow the instructions to import your conversions via CSV.
  4. You'll need to re-format your export from Zoho to do this.

The automated method (recommended)

To maintain a steady flow of conversion events from Zoho to Facebook, it's crucial to automate the process. The quicker you relay these conversion events back, the more precise the attribution becomes.

Driftrock provides users a tool designed specifically to automate the offline conversion sync between Zoho and Facebook.

We strongly advise transmitting Facebook Lead IDs for any leads originating from Facebook Lead Ads to maximize the matching accuracy. Using a Lead ID guarantees a 100% match, as opposed to personal data that may vary based on whether the customer used the same email address on Facebook.


Integrating Facebook Lead Ads with Zoho CRM can revolutionize your marketing efforts. It will streamline your lead generation and management process, improve ad targeting, and enhance conversion tracking. Whether you opt for manual methods or use automated solutions like Driftrock, Zoho Facebook Integration is a powerful tool that every marketer should consider leveraging.

So, ready to power up your marketing game with Zoho Facebook Integration? The world of seamless lead management, dynamic targeting, and effective conversion tracking awaits you!

Connect Zoho with Facebook and 20+ other lead sources with Driftrock today!

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