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Driftrock Inline Lead Forms for your website

Smarter inline website forms to capture and track more leads.

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What are Driftrock website inline lead gen forms?

Inline forms on your website are a great way to capture leads without interrupting the user experience or flow of your website.

Like native advertising, inline forms look and feel part of your website rather than a promotion, which creates a powerful seamless experience for the customer.

What makes the Driftrock inline forms special?

There are hundreds of form tools out there to choose from.

Not only do Driftrock's  inline forms convert well, you can capture Google Analytics UTM tracking information automatically with each submission. This helps you track leads from source through to end-conversion.

Ensure that you have adequate cookie and opt-in consent, and Driftrock automatically build lead generation reports to help you understand the best performing sources, referrers, campaigns or keywords.

Inline form features

  • Create forms in minutes in the Driftrock interface.
  • Edit them in Driftrock and see changes live on the website.
  • Add conditional questions, hidden fields and the input types you need.
  • Capture UTM tracking with every lead and track through to purchase.

You can try out the Driftrock inline forms here

How do Driftrock inline forms work?

It takes minutes to setup a Driftrock form on your website.


  1. Build your form in the online editor with the fields you need.
  2. Copy and paste the embed code.
  3. Insert this into the location of the page you want your form to show (varies based on the tool you use to manage your website).
  4. Map and sync leads into your CRM or email systems (or both!) so that you can action the leads quickly.

Example Driftrock inline forms

How do I optimise website form conversion rates?

Tracking & reporting

If you can't measure your forms, you can't optimise them! 

You can view all your leads in Driftrock's dashboard along with the Google Analytics; Source, Medium, Campaign, Content and Keyword breakdowns.

Use this data along with which forms are converting, where on your website to optimise.


Firstly, make sure you choose a lead form builder that outputs forms that load incredibly fast. Slow loading experiences are an easy way to lose a potential lead and customer.

Driftrock forms are cached so load incredibly quickly when required. You can speed up the load time by placing the site-wide Driftrock code higher up your web page code so that it load first. This shouldn't be required though.

Mobile optimisation

Most of your web traffic is likely to be on mobile devices to it is critical that both your website and your lead forms are mobile optimised. It's easy to test with your own phone, and you can also use Google Search Console to check both load times and mobile quality optimisation.

Form optimisation

Like any marketing, don't forget to optimise your forms for conversion rates and lead quality.

  • As a general rule, adding more questions will decrease your conversion rate.
  • However, in a well designed form, adding more questions can be fun and engaging, whilst helping increase lead quality.
  • To start make sure you include all the required fields you need to action the lead.
  • Think about fields you could remove and get data from elsewhere e.g looking up the contact on LinkedIn for their job role.
  • Make sure you test different text and placeholders to help the customer breeze through the form and ensure high quality leads.

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