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Influencer Marketing Lead Generation

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What is Influencer Marketing Lead Generation?

With the rise of Influencer Marketing, brands are always looking for more ways to measure success, track results, and understand the return that they're getting from their influencer campaigns.

With Driftrock Smart Forms, you can create unique data capture forms for all your influencers, giving them a clear destination to direct their audience to, and making it easy to track performance.

Using the Driftrock platform, you can track which influencers drive the best return, as well as easily pass the captured data into your CRM platform in real time.

How does Influencer Marketing Lead Generation work?

Prior to your campaign going live, in Driftrock you can create a unique lead capture form for all of your influencers. You can then instruct each of your influencers to direct their audience to this destination as part of the promotion, sharing the link via their social media channels.

Within these forms you can collect all essential pieces of information that you require, for example name, email address and postcode.

As the campaign goes live, the Driftrock Smart Forms will capture user data and pass it onto your CRM in real time, allowing the data to be followed up on.

How do I set up forms for Influencer Marketing Lead Generation?

To set up an Influencer Marketing Lead Generation campaign, all you have to do is create the unique Driftrock Smart Forms in your Driftrock account.

Once the forms have been created, set up a lead sync between the forms and your CRM system.

When you share the forms with the Influencers, data will be automatically captured and passed onto your CRM.

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