New Toys: Driftrock Product Releases & Updates for July 2019

July 17, 2019

We’ve had a busy month at Driftrock, updating features that you already love and building new tools for you to fall in love with.

We are pretty excited to share some big news with you so let’s just get straight into it.

Here’s what’s new in Driftrock for July 2019.

🎥YouTube TrueView Form Ads + Driftrock

Discover a brand new way to capture leads on YouTube - YouTube TrueView for Action Form Ads + Driftrock Lead Sync. The new YouTube form ads let you capture leads with a native, mobile-optimised form. The ultra fast-loading, pre-filled forms are designed to improve form conversion rates and boost lead volume.

What’s even more exciting, you can now sync your YouTube form ad leads to your CRM in real time with Driftrock. With the Driftrock real-time sync you can enable your favourite features such as advanced re-marketing, end-to-end reporting and data validation.

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⚙Multi Channel Reporting  

Driftrock's brand new multi-channel reporting tool lets you filter through all of your lead sources and track individual leads through to conversion.

If you are a Driftrock user, simply navigate to Reporting, select the time period you are interested in and use drill down to specific channels or campaigns

If you are not using Driftrock’s reporting tool, speak to one of our experts who will help you to get started.

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🤘Brand New Lead Sync Interface 

We’ve launched a better and faster Lead Sync!

With the improved Lead Sync interface, it's much faster to create lead syncs. We’ve eliminated some set up steps and added new features to make it even faster to create lead sync with Driftrock.

The new interface also lays the foundations for a whole bunch of new features to help you increase the quality of leads from your campaigns. Watch this space to keep posted about upcoming new features!

Driftrock users can access the new Lead Sync interface, by simply navigating to Lead Sync from the main Driftrock dashboard.  

Click the button below to find out more about the new Lead Sync interface or if you are a Driftrock user simply log in to Driftrock now and create lead syncs faster than ever!

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