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Are you looking to streamline your marketing efforts and automate your lead generation and management process? Look no further than the integration of Facebook (Meta) Lead Ads and Braze!

In this guide, we'll discuss the benefits of connecting Facebook Lead Ads and Braze, as well as how to import leads into Braze and set up custom audiences and offline conversions.

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About Facebook Lead Ads & Braze Customer engagement platform

Before getting into the details of the integration, let's briefly examine Facebook Lead Ads and Braze platform.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, with billions of active users. Beyond its use as a social platform, it’s a marketing behemoth, with Facebook Lead Ads standing out as a feature to collect user details seamlessly.

Braze is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that helps businesses engage with their customers across multiple channels. It is a leading customer engagement platform that helps businesses foster better relationships with their users. Additionally, it features a real-time data view with which, businesses can fine-tune their marketing strategies for better results.

The Power of Integrating Facebook Lead Ads & Braze

Connecting Facebook Lead Ads and Braze allows you to automate the process of importing leads and syncing them with your Braze account and vice versa. This integration can help you save time and resources, while also improving the accuracy of your lead and targeting data.

Moreover, by swiftly moving leads from Facebook directly into their Braze campaigns, businesses can ensure timely and relevant communications.

This integration helps you get rid of the tedious manual work, cut down on those pesky data entry mistakes, and speed up your sales cycle.

Benefits of connecting Facebook Lead Ads & Braze

By integrating Facebook Lead Ads and Braze, you can:

  • Improve lead data accuracy
  • Automate lead generation and data import
  • Streamline your marketing efforts
  • Enhance audience targeting through custom audience segments
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve conversion and offline tracking

How to Import Facebook Leads Data into Braze

The manual method

To manually import Facebook leads into Braze, you'll need to Export your Facebook leads as a CSV file and import the CSV file into Braze.

  1. Head over to Ads Manager.
  2. Click the Ads tab.
  3. Choose the instant form you want to pull lead data from.
  4. Look for the Results column, and click On-Facebook leads.
  5. A window will pop up for downloading leads. Click the This month drop-down menu and pick the date range for the leads you want.
  6. After choosing the range, hit Download.
  7. Another window will appear, displaying the ad name, number of leads, and download links. Click either CSV or XLS to get the lead data in your chosen format.
Facebook lead data download

Remember, Facebook (Meta) only keeps lead information for 90 days, so older leads can't be retrieved. While this method works, it can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Automatically sync Facebook or Meta leads to Braze (the high-converting way!)

Driftrock offers a solution for automatically syncing Facebook lead data with Braze. This method is highly recommended, as it can save you time and resources while improving the accuracy of your lead data.

  1. Login or Sign Up to Driftrock.
  2. Choose Facebook Lead Ads from the Driftrock Lead Capture Library.
  3. Follow the wizard to connect your Facebook Page and Braze account.
  4. In the destination step, select Braze.
  5. You're done!
Lead Capture Library

Braze Facebook Dynamic Custom Audience

Using data from Braze you can create custom audiences on Facebook. This feature enables you to exclude, retarget, and create lookalike audience segments.


You can exclude certain segments of your Braze audience from seeing your Facebook ads, ensuring you're not advertising to those who've already converted or are a bad fit.


Retargeting allows you to show ads to users who have lapsed or those who've shown interest but haven’t yet taken the desired action.


Lookalike audiences are based on the characteristics of your existing customers or high-quality leads and can help you reach new audiences who are more likely to convert.

How to setup Facebook Custom Audiences with Braze

The manual method

To set up Facebook custom audiences with Braze manually, you'll need to:

Export your Braze audience as a CSV file and import the CSV file into Facebook

  1. Login to Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Click on Audiences.
  3. Select Create Custom Audience
  4. Choose Customer List as the source of your audience data.
  5. Follow the instructions to upload your CSV.

Automatically sync Facebook with Braze Audiences (recommended)

Driftrock offers a solution for automatically syncing Facebook custom audiences with Braze. This method is highly recommended, as it can save you time and resources while improving the accuracy of your audience data.

Additionally, it is difficult to add and remove records manually. The automation ensures that your Facebook Custom Audience is always up-to-date.

  1. Login or Sign Up to Driftrock.
  2. Select Audience Nurturing from the navigation.
  3. Choose create new sync, and follow the wizard.
  4. You can choose the segment you wish to keep in sync and the frequency of the sync. We recommend weekly for lookalike segments and 3-hourly for exclusions and retargeting.
  5. Setup Braze custom audience
  6. Depending on your audience size, within 10 mins or so, you can start using your audience in Facebook.
Audience nurturing
Automated Facebook and Braze audiences sync

Braze Facebook Offline Conversions

Facebook Offline Conversions (CAPI) is a feature that allows you to track offline signals and conversions from your Braze data. This means that you can see how your Facebook (Meta) ads are driving offline conversions and you can optimize your marketing campaigns with data.‍

The manual method

Similar to lead and custom audience data, you will have to import your offline conversion data via a CSV export. Next, you will have to upload this data on Facebook.

  1. Login to Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Select Data Sources > Offline Event Sets.
  3. Click on add and follow the instructions to import your conversions via CSV.
  4. You may have to re-format your export from Braze to do this.

The automated method (recommended)

To ensure a consistent flow of conversion events from Braze to Facebook, automating the process is key. The swifter you relay these conversion events back, the more accurate the attribution.

Driftrock offers a tool crafted explicitly to automate the offline conversion sync between Braze and Facebook.

We firmly recommend transmitting Facebook Lead IDs for leads that originate from Facebook Lead Ads to optimise matching accuracy. Utilising a Lead ID ensures a 100% match, unlike personal data that might differ if the customer used a different email address on Facebook.

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By connecting Facebook Lead Ads and Braze, you can streamline your marketing efforts and improve the accuracy of your lead, audience, and conversion data.

Whether you opt for manual methods or use automated solutions like Driftrock, Braze Facebook Integration is a powerful tool that every marketer should consider leveraging.

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