Facebook Marketing Software: Social advertising for your CRM

October 17, 2017
 Driftrock Social Advertising for Your CRM

Acquire new customers and leads, nurture and convert your existing list using Driftrock's Facebook Marketing Software.

Turn your CRM into the ultimate Facebook advertising platform. 

1 in 4 minutes on mobile are spent on Facebook & Instagram, so it's critical to include social channels in your customer lifecycle marketing. You already have all the data you need to generate profitable growth from social in your CRM and your other customer databases.

Driftrock helps you leverage this data to help create ads your customers actually want to see. 

3 steps to success with Driftrock + your CRM:

  1. Acquire new leads and sync them to your CRM from Facebook, LinkedIn and other channels.
  2. Optimise campaigns for sales, not cost per lead with end-to-end measurement.
  3. Extend your email campaigns to Facebook for lifecycle marketing.

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1. Acquire and sync your leads from Facebook & LinkedIn to your CRM, in real-time

An MIT study* outlines how calling within 1 hour increases conversion 7 times. Therefore, getting your leads into the hands of your sales team, as quickly as possible is of paramount importance. Simply put, daily manual lead downloads isn't going to help your conversion rate.

Driftrock can sync your Facebook lead ads leads, and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms leads directly into your CRM, as soon as they arrive. 

2. Optimise for sales, not CPL with downstream measurement

A lead is simply an invitation by someone to start a conversation. With channels like social, you'll acquire a range of in-market and out-of-market leads, so it's critical you optimise your campaigns for sales, not cost per lead. 

With Driftrock we make this easy. Simply by connecting up your CRM, we'll start tracking any downstream conversions from the leads you generate. Our downstream reporting:

 Driftrock Funnel Dashboard

3. Enable lifecycle social advertising by extending email campaigns to social. 

  • Mirror your drip marketing campaigns, on Facebook
  • Automatically add exclusion audiences based on customers who have converted
  • Create and automatically update hundreds of Lookalike audiences from your Tags.

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