Facebook Lead Generation: The Lowdown

July 25, 2018
 Facebook Lead Ads

Lead gen on Facebook became a big part of the marketing mix the day that Facebook lead ads came along. Quite frankly, they are awesome. We can’t get enough of them (but not like that).

So why are we such champions of them for lead capture?

Quite simply, it’s the speed and ease of use.

how to generate leads on Facebook

Facebook lead generation ads give you a quick-fire way of sourcing lead data, using Facebook. And your leads don’t even have to fill in a single thing…


That's right! Facebook already has this data. And so, when you serve a Facebook lead form to a potential lead, the form is pre-populated with the data you are looking to capture, whether it is name, email address, postcode.

Below is a full list of the fields you can request via a Facebook lead form:

 Facebook Lead Ads Fields

What about custom lead form fields?

You are not just limited to the pre-populated fields either. You can include your own custom questions, with either free-form fields or drop-down select lists. This enables further enrichment of your lead data, giving you the opportunity to pre-qualify your leads with some more detailed questions.

For instance, you could add in a qualifying question to assess how close to market they are. We have seen this used effectively by automotive retailers in their lead generation activities. This enables their sales team to prioritise those leads that are ready to buy a new car, versus those who are merely exploring their options ahead of a purchase in say 12 months time.

How do I set up a Facebook lead campaign?

Getting started with lead gen on facebook is super simple. Here's a quick run-through: A Guide to facebook's Lead Gen Product.

Facebook Lead Generation Ad Examples

There are some great Facebook lead ad examples on their creative hub. In addition, we have put together some of our own thoughts on making your lead ads more compelling here.

Why do I have to manually download my Facebook leads?

Unfortunately, you have to manually download your leads from Facebook as a csv file. Which, if you get lots of leads, can become quite cumbersome and time consuming. However, there is a solution...

With the Driftrock Facebook lead ads CRM integration, we can save your time and speed up the effectiveness of your sales funnel. Think about it - getting your leads into the hands of your sales team, as quickly as possible, is of paramount importance. The longer a lead is left to go cold, the more chance you have of losing them completely.

Whether it is Mailchimp or Intercom, or even a webhook, we can sync your Facebook leads with your CRM, to save you the manual task. Got a custom CRM in-house? No worries, we can work with those too! Get in touch here to find out more.

What are the Facebook Lead Gen Ad Specs and size?

Facebook Lead Ads (which you may often see abbreviated to FB Lead Ads) can use the same creative that you would use on a banner ad or carousel. Find out more about Facebook Lead Ad Specs here.

What cost per lead can I expect from Facebook lead ads?

It really depends which vertical you are in, and what a lead is worth to you. As we mentioned above, we have worked with large automotive retailers such as BMW for automotive lead generation. The goal for them is to sell cars, therefore they naturally are happy to pay a higher cost per lead. On the other end of the scale, an e-commerce lead generation campaign for a clothing store, might require email newsletter signups, or an education establishment like a University might want potential students looking for a brochure download. Given this is very top of the funnel, then you would hope to pay a far lower cost per lead. We have run many lead ad campaigns that have given a sub £50p or 50c cost per lead for a simple newsletter signup.

How do I edit a Facebook lead form?

Sadly, this is not an option. You are currently unable to edit a Facebook lead form, therefore you will need to simply duplicate a previous lead form, and edit that one. If you are managing numerous lead forms, then Driftrock can help, with our Blueprints tool.

It's fair to say that Facebook Lead Ads are pretty amazing. And when you connect them up to your CRM, then you can completely automate your lead generation acquisition activities.

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