Engaging buying experiences made simple:

  • Accelerate sales journey with delightful customer experience.
  • Generate leads customers who are ready-to-buy.



Make lead customers generation simple

  • Hit targets for customer lead generation & vehicle sales.
  • Integrate qualified leads from local publishers.
  • Get leads from informed, ready-to-buy customers.
  • Easily manage CPL & lead quality

What's up with online car buying?

Millennial car buyers

Want seamless online buying experience.

Expectation Economy

Customers want trusted information... FAST!

AI is here

You NEED a strategy for AI.

In a perfect world you could

Buying experience

Give millennial consumers the experience they want.

Automate everything

Answer detailed customer questions 24/7 with no additional effort.

Increase sales

Turn website queries into ready-to-buy customers.

Chat Bots won't cut it!

Robotic responses - poor customer experience.
No context of previous questions & answers.
Manual effort as every question needs inputting.
Costly & time-consuming to maintain & update.

Chat AI gives you:

Instant, accurate responses to customer queries.
Integrator tools can transfer data from social platforms into CRM.
  • Vehicle configuration
  • Book a test drive
  • Speak to a person
Trained on your own content & data, e.g vehicle specifications, dealer locations, etc.
Easily upload & manage other content, e.g. EV buying myth-busting, etc.
Focussed on your brand, values & messaging.
Automatically integrates with Driftrock's Automotive Marketing Platform & CRM tools.
Trusted by high-performing automotive marketing teams:

Part of the Driftrock lead generation toolkit

Conversion API Integrations
  • Powerful end-to-end tracking.
  • Easily deploy multiple ad platform Conversion APIs with a single tool.
  • Track web engagement 'top of funnel' & CRM 'offline' conversions & sales.
Lead Management
  • Integrated leads from +20 sources securely with your CRM.
  • Automatically validate & route leads to your sales teams.
Affiliate Publisher Management
  • Manage, dedupe, validate & qualify leads from local publishers.
  • Get leads from informed, ready-to-buy customers & easily manage CPL.