Drive restaurant & bar visits with coupon issuance: Facebook & Driftrock

July 10, 2019

Coupons are a great way to drive restaurant and bar visits, but it’s often challenging to reach new audiences.

Existing customer lists and members of money-saving or voucher websites are easy to generate redemptions from, but often the same set of customers.

In this article we’ll discuss how using Facebook Lead Ads, digital coupons and Driftrock can help you generate new customers from target audiences who haven’t visited before.

Driving new customer visits from Facebook Lead Ads and Digital Coupons

Benefits of this recipe

  • Run highly targeted ads at scale, pinpointing local restaurants or bars if required.
  • Reach new audiences, exclude existing customers or build loyalty.
  • Issue digital coupons whilst collecting opt-ins to your newsletter database for future marketing.
  • Track and optimise campaigns, targeting and ads through to offline restaurant or bar visits.
  • Create an engaging, personalised customer experience.

The customer experience

We recommend using the combination of Facebook Lead Ads to precisely target new customers, with an organic pinned post so that people can find the coupon if they lose it, share with friends or don’t spot the email.

1) Facebook Lead Ad

Using a simple, pre-filled form, the customer can quickly submit their email to receive a coupon and optionally opt-in to future newsletter communication.

Driftrock will automatically sync these leads to issue a unique digital coupon via email instantly.

The beauty of Facebook Ads is that they offer a seamless experience for your customers that works great on mobile devices.

The user journey will look something like this example:

        [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1481.0"]

    Step 1:  Customer Clicks your Facebook Ad

    Step 1:  Customer Clicks your Facebook Ad [/caption]            [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="598.0"]

    Step 2:  Customer fills in a customised Lead Form

    Step 2:  Customer fills in a customised Lead Form [/caption]            [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1481.0"]

    Step 3:  Customer receives and automated email containing their voucher

    Step 3:  Customer receives and automated email containing their voucher [/caption]          

2. Organic Pinned Post

For the organic aspect of the recipe, you need to make sure that your landing page and form are optimised for mobile use.

Use the form to collect relevant information and offer marketing newsletter opt-in.

Driftrock can create a mobile-friendly landing page form which will automatically fire information to your CRM and deliver the voucher to the customer’s inbox.

3. Automatic retargeting for reminder ads

With Driftrock its possible to automatically sync leads back to Facebook Custom Audiences for a second ad or for excluding people who have redeemed.

This allows you to setup a simple lifecycle to increase redemption rates:

  1. Prospecting ad to drive issuances > 2. Retarget issued but not redeemed > 3. Target or exclude redemptions.

This same technology also allows you to create automatic Lookalikes from redemptions, further improving performance.

What results can you expect?

  • For a compelling offer, we’d expect <£1 per coupon issued/lead captured when running the combination of paid and organic.
  • Redemption rates of between 10% and 20% depending on the offer and campaign structure.
  • ~70% opt-in rate of these leads to your newsletter.

You can access all this data and optimise your campaign in-flight in the Driftrock dashboard.

Case Study: Heineken & All Bar One

For the launch of their Blind Pig cider, Heineken partnered with All Bar One to promote the new drink in selected venues. Heineken and All Bar One wanted to create a digital coupon campaign that will generate measurable offline bar sales. Using Driftrock and Eagle Eye technology Heineken were able to track leads through the entire journey from online ads to offline sales and saw a 7.8% redemption rate.

Read the full case study here

GDPR & Data Protection considerations

When asking customers to opt in to receive marketing information you need to clearly communicate your Privacy Policy and how their information will be used.

Facebook Lead Ads and your custom landing page form can include necessary consent opt-ins as well as a custom disclaimer and Privacy Policy link.

Driftrock’s sync can store the consent information and send it to your CRM for future privacy management.

This will unlock an array of nurturing campaigns such as using Facebook Custom Audiences to re-target your customers who haven’t redeemed their vouchers with a reminder ad or further nurture customers with email campaigns.

How it works and tools required

This recipe combines a number of features and tools into a campaign plan that drives great results.

  1. Facebook Lead Ads with Driftrock lead sync.
  2. Organic Facebook pinned post to a landing page form.
  3. Eagle Eye digital coupon technology.
  4. Online to offline tracking with Driftrock.
  5. Driftrock automatic audience nurturing to increase redemption rates.

Thankfully, Driftrock offers this out-the-box, combining all these tools into an easy solution. Make sure you allow 1 week for activation and setup (outside the usual creative production, campaign deployment and sign-off.

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