Drive sales with Digital Coupon Campaigns: FB Lead Ads & Driftrock

July 16, 2019

As an FMCG brand, it’s a challenge finding the right channels to issue coupons at scale, to the right target audiences.

Facebook Ads are a great way of delivering highly targeted coupon issuance campaigns, without compromising on scale.

In this tactic planning sheet, we recommend the best Facebook campaign structure to drive issuance and redemptions for FMCG brands, as well as all the tools you’ll need to get started.

Driving Sales with Digital Coupons via Facebook Lead Ads & Organic Promotion for Consumer Brands

Benefits of this recipe

The benefit of digital coupons over paper coupons is that they can be issued to individual customers. This makes it possible for you as a marketer to track every customer’s journey into store and link every lead to sales revenue. All you need is the right technology that will enable you to accurately track and report on your campaign success. When you combine online to offline tracking with effective lead generation through Facebook ads you can:

  • Reach a highly-targeted audience and grow brand awareness.
  • Track a customer through their journey from online ad to offline in-store purchase.
  • Deliver a smooth and engaging customer experience.
  • Grow your email newsletter subscriber list.
  • Create personalised and relevant nurturing campaigns and raise brand loyalty.

What does the customer experience look like?

Digital coupon campaigns are common brand activation tactic and when executed well can create a great customer experience and built trust for your brand.

1) Reaching your target audience with Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are designed to provide an easy and quick user experience optimised for mobile users. If you are looking to reach people on the go, Facebook Lead Ads let you do that with a pre-filled, mobile-friendly lead form.

Once you’ve captured a customer’s email address, you can use Driftrock’s real-time sync to instantly deliver a unique coupon to their email inbox.

You can also use your digital coupon campaign as a way to generate sign ups for your marketing newsletter.

The customer journey will look something like the example below:

        [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1481.0"]

  Step 1:  The customer sees your Facebook Lead ad in their feed and clicks on the Call to Action.

  Step 1:  The customer sees your Facebook Lead ad in their feed and clicks on the Call to Action. [/caption]            [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="598.0"]

  Step 2:  The customer is taken to a fast-loading lead form collecting required information such as name, email and marketing opt in.

  Step 2:  The customer is taken to a fast-loading lead form collecting required information such as name, email and marketing opt in. [/caption]            [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1481.0"]

  Step 3:  The customer receives their unique coupon in their email inbox ready for them to use whenever they decide.

  Step 3:  The customer receives their unique coupon in their email inbox ready for them to use whenever they decide. [/caption]  

2) Expanding the reach of your campaign with Organic Promotion

Make use of your social media channels to optimise the distribution of your campaign. Simply create a landing page for your offer and share it via organic social media posts. To make sure your offer is highly visible and to make social sharing easier pin the organic post with you offer landing page to the top of your social media pages.

To further broaden the reach of the campaign, consider distributing it to relevant voucher websites.

With Driftrock you can create highly-optimised web forms and sync them to your CRM.

3) Reminder Ads for Customers who haven’t redeemed their coupons

Sending a reminder ad to anyone who was issued a coupon but didn’t redeem it can improve your redemption rates by as much as 35%!

With Driftrock’s technology you can automatically sync your leads back into Facebook to build a Custom Audience excluding all the leads who have already redeemed their coupon.

You can then create a personalised ad targeted at those customers reminding them to issue their coupon.  To further maximise your campaign, use Driftrock to sync the list of people who have redeemed their coupons back to Facebook and create a Lookalike Audience and reach more people similar to them.

What results can you expect?

Over the years of running similar campaigns for FMCG brands, we’ve seen this tactic deliver some incredible results for our clients. Here are some benchmark numbers:

  • Less than £1 cost per coupon issued or lead captured when running both paid and organic promotion
  • Between 10% - 20% coupon redemption rate (this may vary depending on your offer and campaign structure)
  • Approximately 70% opt-in rate to your newsletter

Your Driftrock dashboard will give you all this data in real time to allow you to optimise and adjust your campaign as you go.  

Case Study: Heineken Blind Pig

When launching their Bling Pig cider, Heineken wanted to create a campaign offering people a free sample drink at their local All Bar One venue. Having previously used a traditional landing page the brand struggled with high form drop-off rates and were looking for a solution to the problem.

Read the case study here

GDPR & Data Protection considerations

Under GDPR and Data Protection regulations you are required to collect and store privacy consent data when asking customers to opting in any further marketing communication.

You will also need to communicate your Policy Privacy in simple terms and explain how you intend to use their information.

Make sure you include the necessary opt-in checkbox, custom disclaimer and a link to your Privacy Policy on both your Facebook lead forms and your custom landing page form.

If you use Driftrock you will be able to sync consent information to your CRM and store for future privacy management.

Lawfully storing privacy consent information opens the door to a number of advanced nurturing campaigns such as email nurturing campaigns and re-marketing using Facebook Custom Audiences.

How it works and tools required

To run a successful digital coupon campaign you will need number of features and tools. Here are all the components of the campaign:

  1. Facebook Lead Ads
  2. Organic Facebook pinned post
  3. Eagle Eye digital coupon technology.
  4. Online to offline tracking with Driftrock.
  5. Driftrock automatic audience nurturing to increase redemption rates.

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