Driving in-store sales with Digital Coupon Issuances via Facebook Ads

July 19, 2019

Coupon are a tried and tested way to in-store sales, but most campaigns miss out on the true value of digital couponing in retail.

In this recipe, we’ll take you through how to use digital coupons, Facebook Lead Ads and Driftrock to drive in-store sales, track online to offline and generate subscribers for your newsletter.

Coupon issuance via Facebook Lead Ads & Organic Promotion to drive in-store sales

Drive in-store sales with a digital coupon campaign promoted through Facebook Lead Ads and organic social media. Measure the effectiveness of your coupon campaign with the right technology partner and

Benefits of this campaign recipe

A great number of retailers use digital coupon campaigns to drive in-store sales but too many of them miss out due to technical limitations. The true power of a digital coupon campaign lies in the ability to identify individual customers and track their journey down to offline sales.  With the right technology in place, you can track a customer’s full journey from an online ad down to in-store purchase and link each lead to actual sales revenue.  When you combine online to offline reporting with a Facebook Lead Ad campaign you can:

  • Reach a hyper targeted audience narrowing down to people in proximity to specific store locations.  
  • Issue digital coupons at scale.
  • Collect insights about campaign performance in real time and optimise campaigns on the fly.
  • Accurately measure the effectiveness and ROI of your digital coupon campaign.
  • Generate newsletter opt-ins and grow your email subscriber list.  
  • Create an engaging, personalised customer experience.

The customer experience

1) Deliver your offer to a targeted audience using Facebook Lead Ads

With Facebook Lead Ads you can make full use of Facebook’s targeting options. For example, if you are looking to drive footfall to specific shop locations, you can use Facebook’s geo targeting to reach users in the area.  

Facebook Lead Ads provide a great mobile-friendly experience and are ideal for reaching people on the go. The format also gives you enough creative freedom to showcase your products in a visually appealing way.

Use Facebook’s pre-filled lead form to collect required customer information such as email address, name and postcode. You can also ask customers to sign up to your email newsletter via a customised privacy consent checkbox.

Take a look at an example customer journey below for a fictional fashion retailer:

        [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1481.0"]

  Step 1:  The customer sees Facebook Lead Ad in their feed and clicks on the Call to Action.

  Step 1:  The customer sees Facebook Lead Ad in their feed and clicks on the Call to Action. [/caption]            [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="598.0"]

  Step 2:  The customer submits a mobile optimised lead form.

  Step 2:  The customer submits a mobile optimised lead form. [/caption]            [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1481.0"]

  Step 3:  The customer receives their unique coupon via an automated email powered by Driftrock’s technology.

  Step 3:  The customer receives their unique coupon via an automated email powered by Driftrock’s technology. [/caption]  

2) Broaden the reach of your campaign with Organic Promotion

Maximise the reach of your campaign by promoting it on your social media channels. Create a simple landing page and form to collect customer information. Again make sure you use your web form to collect newsletter subscribers and ask customers to opt into receiving more marketing communication from you.

Share a link to the landing page on your social media via organic posts and consider partnering with coupon websites to further expand the reach.

Create a pinned social media post to make the offer easy to discover and share.

Driftrock can help you create an optimised web form, sync the leads you collect with it to your CRM and trigger an automated email to deliver the coupon.

3) Improve redemption rates with an automated reminder Facebook Ad

In our experience working on digital coupon campaigns we discovered that re-targeting leads who were issued a coupon but never redeemed it can improve your redemption rates by as much as 35%!

Don’t miss out on the chance to convert more of your leads into sales. Create a personalised Facebook Ad targeted at all leads who never redeemed their coupons to remind them they can still use their coupon.

Use Driftrock to automatically sync leads who haven’t redeemed their coupon to Facebook and keep your re-marketing audiences up to date. This way you can avoid wasting ad spend and deliver highly relevant and personalised ads to your audience.

You can also use Facebook Lookalike audiences to target audiences similar to the people who redeemed their coupons and reach more relevant customers.

What results can you expect?

  • Most of our clients will spend less than £1 per coupon issuance (or lead generated) as a blend across their paid and organic promotion.
  • Redemption rates of these coupons depends on how you structure the offer terms and campaigns, but we’ve seen between 10% and 20% redemption rates.
  • You can also expect a 70% opt-in rate of these leads to your newsletter or other further marketing comms.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the data and reporting you can access live on Driftrock as the campaign runs and after it completes.

Case Study: SPOKE

Find out how menswear brand SPOKE used Facebook Ads to re-engage their email subscribers.

Read the case study here

How it works and tools required

This recipe combines a number of features and tools into a campaign plan that drives great results.

  1. Facebook Lead Ads
  2. Organic Facebook pinned post
  3. Eagle Eye digital coupon technology.
  4. Online to offline tracking with Driftrock.
  5. Driftrock automatic audience nurturing to increase redemption rates.

Thankfully, Driftrock offers this out-the box, combining all these tools into an easy solution. Here’s how it works in detail:

GDPR and Privacy Policy

Under GDPR you are required to collect and store privacy consent information from your leads. If you are asking your leads to sign up for your email newsletter you need to do this via a positive opt-in checkbox and provide information about how the data will be used.

Make sure you include a custom consent checkbox, a custom disclaimer and a link to your Privacy Policy in both your Facebook Lead Form and your custom web form.

Driftrock can help you sync the data you collect from both forms to your CRM where you can store for future privacy management.  

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