Driftrock’s Tech helps Clever Investor increase their ROAS by 53%

September 30, 2019

About Clever Investor

Clever Investor is a real-estate investment educational company and social network, dedicated to offering tactical & actionable information to real-estate investors looking to network and grow their investing businesses.

The Objective  

Clever Investor wanted to use Driftrock’s Technology to reduce customer acquisition costs, as well as increase their return on initial budget investment. Clever Investor used Driftrock to only show relevant ads to their leads & customers, based upon their stage in the consumer journey, helping increase conversions at scale.

The Solution

Driftrock activated their technology for Clever Investor, keeping their CRM data in constant sync on digital. This allowed Clever Investor’s marketing team to upload & sync bespoke CRM segments to Facebook & Google as Custom Audiences, that Driftrock kept in sync every 3-hours.

The Results

  1. Clever Investor’s Return on Ad Spend from Facebook increased by 53%.
  2. Using Driftrock for retargeting and exclusion audiences helped Clever Investor reduce their overall cost per acquisition by 12%, whilst increasing reach.

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"The Driftrock platform was easy to set up and implement, and we saw an immediate impact on our Ad costs. The thing that puts Driftrock ahead is they actually listen to their customer’s needs and put plans in place to implement them. I couldn’t recommend them enough!”
- Jeff Liesener, Chief Operating Officer - Clever Investor

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