Facebook Lead Ads: The Definitive Guide

June 13, 2018
 Facebook Lead Ads Guide

An introduction to Facebook lead ads

What are Facebook lead ads? They are the ultimate lead generation ads format! Using a standard News Feed ad, clicking the call to action launches a native lead form on Facebook for lead capture. The Facebook lead form even prefills things like Name and Email to save time (the user can edit these fields before submitting if they like). With such a pain-free form, the conversion rates are huge, so cost per lead is often much lower than sending to a landing page.

 Facebook - FB Lead Ads Setup

Creating lead ad forms

Facebook have built an advanced form editor which covers a wide range of form options. There’s a number of standard questions that work perfectly for various industries, and each question can be asked with either free text fields or with a preset list of options in a dropdown select.

We recommend keeping the questions to a minimum, if possible, to maximise your form conversion rates. For example, we’ve seen the facebook lead ad cost for simple email-only forms come in at < $0.50 per lead vs long forms at $5+.

Tips and tools for increasing conversion rates of leads

There’s no point in generating leads from your campaigns if you can’t convert them. Here are some tips and tricks we found to increase the conversion rates of the leads you generate. With Driftrock Lead Response your lead generation campaigns become even more powerful, so we’ve included some features to give you an unfair advantage in lead generation!

Convert customers in a single session

At the end of each Facebook Lead Ad, you can include a “Visit Website” link. Treat a Lead Ad like any other customer journey, and make sure you send customers to a relevant page after they complete the form. Here’s an example of a killer content marketing Lead Ad journey.

  1. The news feed post - “Download your free guide to looking good this winter”
  2. The lead ad - [name] [email].
  3. After submission - “Visit Website”
  4. Landing page - “Click here to download your guide.”
  5. You quickly send a copy of the guide via email.

Automatically send lead ads to your CRM

Responding to leads using your normal workflows is essential to maximising conversion rates. That’s where our Facebook lead ads integration comes in - Driftrock Lead Response.

With Lead Response you can automatically push leads to your CRM as they arrive. What’s more, is that you can apply data transformation rules, to make sure your CRM accepts those leads.

For example: on Facebook, the full name field comes through with the key “full_name”. On your CRM this might be “FullName”. Lead Response will push leads through to your CRM with the correct key.

Speedy replies with Auto-responders

If a customer submits a form on a Facebook Lead ad, the quickest way to reply is with an auto responder. It can also be used for interesting campaign ideas like content marketing. e.g “Click here to download our Content Marketing eBook”, where you instantly send an email with the PDF to download.

If you sync with your CRM, then this probably does the job.


Responding to leads quickly greatly increases the chance of a conversion. We’ve also added a notification feature that notifies you in real-time when a lead arrives. If you prefer, we can send you a notification digest once a day or once a week. The notification provides a quick link to view your leads in a secure location.

Facebook lead ads specs - best practices

As a native Facebook experience, Lead Ads have a very different user journey to other ads. Clicking the call to action button launches the form right away, so you need to give your audience all the information they need in the ad. 

Here’s a few Facebook lead generation tips from our own experiments.

  1. Add context - Add some context within the ad unit itself, so there’s no surprises when they click and it launches a form. e.g “Tap here to book now”.
  2. Treat the ad like a landing page - You’ve only got your ad copy and image to get your value proposition across before they launch the form. Present what makes your proposition special, and why they should give you their details.
  3. Don’t forget about CTR - We’ve seen some of the best converting post-click Lead Ads fail quickly because of low click-through rates (CTR). If the ad is overly ‘form-like’, and your CTR drops below 1%, it doesn’t take long for delivery to drop. Make sure you optimise and try new creatives regularly to keep the CTR high.
  4. Value vs data - Remember that giving personal info is no different to buying a product. Make sure you’re offering compelling, valuable rewards for completing the form. Things like free PDFs, coupons and taking the hassle out of enquiries work well.

Before starting

Facebook lead generation terms of service and privacy policy

All advertisers running Lead Ads are required to accept Facebook’s Lead Ads Terms of Service for each Facebook Page, which you can find here. Your ads won’t be published if you don’t accept the terms! You’re also not permitted to share or sell the data you gather from Lead Ads. You should also ensure that your website privacy policy covers you for lead generation, and what you plan to do with lead data.

For some inspiration and top tips on how to create high-performing social media lead generation campaigns check out our free guide below.

Ultimate Guide to Social Media Lead Generation

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